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Children with autism are special and deserve specialized treatments.  The Wonkido videos are highly instructive and I’m sure will delight children and their families.


Eric Courchesne, Ph.D.
Director, UCSD Autism Center of Excellence
Professor, Department of Neurosciences




Many children with autism have strong visual processing abilities which may exceed their ability to talk or socially interact.  It is for this very reason that teaching strategies that rely on the visual domain, such as Wonkidos, are often the most successful.


Karen Pierce, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, UCSD Autism Center of Excellence
Assistant Professor, UCSD Dept. of Neurosciences





"Young children learn by exploration---seeing and doing things that are available to them. Progress in learning is a result of many experiences with both successes and failures at home, in school and the playground. Most learning in early childhood occurs in this way in safe, natural surroundings with guidance by parents and other adults.


Tricia Estrada has developed a video program that enhances the work of parents. The Wonkidos video series provides opportunities for young children to learn effective ways to negotiate common developmental challenges----potty training, getting dressed, playing with friends and more. The short, animated programs are engaging to kids because they are stories that are told from the child's perspective in an entertaining way. Sound developmental principles are written into the scripts to maximize learning. As they watch these video stories, children learn about their ability to make things happen in the family and with friends. Ultimately, it teaches them how to successfully use their new motor, language and social skills. The Wonkidos video series is an important contribution to early childhood learning."


Martin T. Stein, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Child Development and Community Health
University of California San Diego
Rady Children's Hospital




I really enjoyed the videos and am hoping to see more from the site.  I have a child that had never had a bowel movement in the toilet prior to watching the video and did so for the first time after watching it just one time. Very exciting to say the least! 



I am actually a severely handicapped autism teacher for grades K-1. I also have an adult brother with autism. The child I referred to is 5 years old. Another teacher showed me your videos on YouTube, I then purchased them as it was immediately clear how they would benefit our kiddos. I have 20 years of experience with autism in the home and 14 years in the classroom and  am loving all the new products and materials available to help us teach our kids.  The children are completely engaged in the videos and are internalizing the lessons being taught. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for your efforts to make a difference in the lives of our children with special needs.  Thank you!



T. Smith - Teacher - San Diego, CA





"I am a teacher in Australia working with students with autism spectrum disorder. The video playing with friends has been great for my students aged 6 and 7 who often want to play with others but aren't sure how to initiate play. They really enjoy the video and request to watch it. They have done a bit of role playing which I think the dolls will be good for. Their favorite characters are stacks because he is strong! and wobbly because he is funny. I think the wonkidos are a great resource and have recommended it to other parents and teachers I know."


Courtney - Australia

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