Wonkidos Animated Social Skills Win a CODiE Award!


May 6th, 2013 – Brighter futures for Beautiful Minds  is so excited to annouce  that the Wonkidos (TM) Animated Social Skills won a CODiE Award tonight for Best Solution for Special Needs Students.

We are so honored to receive this award.   I created the Wonkidos to improve the tools used for learning for students with visual learning needs.   I wanted to teach my child with tools other than stick figures and lamination.  I love hearing such amazing feedback from Teachers and Parents about how the Wonkidos are helping their children lean important social and life skills!

During the past 27 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards have recognized more than 1,000 software and information companies for achieving excellence. The CODiE Awards remain the only peer-recognized program in the content, education, and software industries so each CODiE Award win serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact.

We are so grateful to have won this year!  Congratulations to all of the Finalist and Award Winners!


Wonkidos™ Partners with Social Express


April 15, 2013 – SAN DIEGO


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Social Express® and Wonkidos are joining forces to offer animated social and life skills for students of all ages.   In the new partnership, The Social Express and Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds, creator of Wonkido Animated Social Skills, will join marketing efforts to offer animated social skills benefiting children from ages 3 through adulthood.  Each company will jointly market their products to fulfill social skills needs for both early intervention as well as school age children.

 “The two products compliment each other nicely as they target different ages with a similar purpose,” stated Marc Zimmerman, founder of The Social Express.  “The Wonkidos Animated Social Skills help toddlers and young children with critical life skills they need, and The Social Express models and teaches key social skills and behaviors for children in elementary and middle school. “  Products from each company use animated visual modeling to help children learn.

Each company began with a similar purpose and passion.   Both began with a parent who saw a need to teach their own child critical skills and didn’t find a product that they were happy with.   “Both Marc and I created products based on our son’s needs,” said Tricia Sulpizio Estrada, creator of the Wonkido Developmental products.  “As parents coming from a technical and corporate background, we were driven to create products that helped not only our own children but others with similar learning needs.”

The Social Express targets important social cues and behaviors that help a child learn what is appropriate for specific situations.   This interactive program can be individualized to fit the social needs of each child to help customize a curriculum specific to that child. 

About Wonkidos:

The Wonkidos Animated Social Skills are play-based cartoons that teach children through animated video modeling.  The Wonkidos are perfect for very young children or children with limited communication as it models step-by-step behaviors to complete a skill.  Wonkido developmental products are available via the Internet as mobile video applications and eBooks as well as a DVD. Visit the company at http://www.wonkido.com


About The Language Express, Inc.:

The Language Express®, founded by parents of autistic twins in 2010, is a privately held company based in Encinitas, California. The company develops The Social Express® and other interactive social skills software and learning management systems. The company’s mission is to help special needs children with social- emotional deficits to improve their lives. The company’s video modeling social skills learning programs help children with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, and related disorders to improve their interactions with others. Visit the company at http://thesocialexpress.com/


For more information about Wonkido or Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds and all other press inquiries please contact Press@bfbm.com.

For more information about The Language Express, Inc. and all other press inquiries please contact contact@thesocialexpress.com








April 4, 2012 - Wonkidos Receives Moms Best Award













March 30, 2012 - BFBM Launches Wonkidos Animated Series










The Wonkidos™ animated series has been awarded a Mom’s Best Award Outstanding Product 2012



Mom's Best Award was created to give moms and expecting moms an opportunity to share insights about prenatal, infants, toddlers, children, tween, preteen and teen products with other parents. When a product earns the Mom's Best Award designation, real moms have evaluated it and it has passed the strict Mom's Best Award evaluation process as conducted by real moms.

The Wonkido videos and interactive eBook applications teach social and developmental skills to children. Originally developed to teach basic social skills to children on the autism spectrum, the videos are appropriate for all children from the developmental ages of two to nine. The videos are available on iTunes, and can also be purchased on the Wonkido website www.wonkidovideos.com to allow playback on any computer or mobile device.

Many children today have different learning styles and need a visual way to learn. Each video is a fun animated visual tool to help your child learn basic skills by watching step-by-step instruction on critical social and developmental skills. Animated stories target children at developmental ages of two to nine, teaching important, everyday life skills and modeling appropriate behavior and responses in common social situations.  Each Wonkido™ video features an engaging cast of characters who bring useful lessons to life.  Each video is available via iTunes as well as online compatible with different mobile devices.  They are teaching tools accessible by parents, children and teachers at any time and place they may be needed.


What moms are saying...


"These videos aren’t too long, so they held my son’s attention the entire time. He’s just starting to use the potty, so he found the potty training one especially interesting."

"I like how the videos are engaging. The characters speak directly to the child who is watching them, and kids really like that. And each video highlights only one important skill so kids aren’t overwhelmed."

"My younger children enjoyed watching these videos. I think the one about making friends will help my daughter. She is pretty shy, so it’s great that in the video she learned about making eye contact and smiling."




March 30, 2012 09:00 ET


Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds Launches Wonkido Animated Series for Kids


Visually Focused Learning Programs to Teach Autistic Children


SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 30, 2012) - Tricia Sulpizio Estrada, founder of Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM), announces the launch of Wonkidos Animated Series for Kids. The Wonkido videos and interactive eBook applications teach social and developmental skills to children. Originally developed to teach basic social skills to children on the autism spectrum, the videos and organizers are appropriate for all children from the developmental ages of two to nine. The videos are available on iTunes, and can also be purchased on the Wonkido website www.wonkidovideos.com to allow playback on any computer or mobile device.


A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states the number of children with autism in the United States continues to rise. The latest data estimate that 1 in 88 American children have some form of autism spectrum disorder, a 78% increase compared to a decade ago. The release of the Wonkido video learning programs could not have come at a better time.


Estrada, the mother of a son who was diagnosed in 2007 with an autism spectrum disorder, developed the teaching tools to help her son learn everyday life skills and appropriate behavior and responses in common social situations. While many efforts are focused on researching the causes and exploring potential cures for children with Autism, Estrada felt that many children who are developmentally challenged lacked advanced products using visual learning methods to help cope with daily life challenges.


"Many children, especially those along the autism spectrum, learn best when they're visually entertained," notes Estrada. "Wonkido products are fun, animated videos that model proper behaviors, allowing children to learn and be entertained at the same time."


The Wonkido products have quickly garnered praise from some leading researchers in the field of Autism and Pediatrics. Dr. Eric Courchesne and Dr. Karen Pierce of The UCSD Autism Center of Excellence have each endorsed the Wonkido products as valuable tools that can help children on the Autism Spectrum. Leading pediatric expert, Dr. Martin Stein of UCSD Developmental Pediatrics recently stated: "Tricia Estrada has developed a video program that enhances the work of parents. The Wonkidos video series provides opportunities for young children to learn effective ways to negotiate common developmental challenges. The Wonkidos video series is an important contribution to early childhood learning."


Estrada founded Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds, which produces the Wonkido videos and other learning tools. Utilizing her experience with Corporate Technology, her Masters in Psychology and her personal parenting experience, she began working with the creative team of Tom and Joe Costantini from Two Animators! LP, the resulting Wonkido videos combine current, interactive technology with research in child development.


April is recognized as National Autism Awareness Month.






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